Yes indeed, eating ‘out’ Gluten Free can be a challenge. It has been my personal experience that chefs at five-star restaurants understand Gluten concerns and can prepare Gluten Free meals extraordinaire without cross contamination, which is great for special occasions. But what about the occasional time restrained informal dining experience (i.e. fast food)?

Gluten Free Bars

Gluten Free Bars

I generally try to eat before I leave home to run errands or I take one of my favorite Gluten Free bars with me (Kind Plus Protein – Almond, Walnut, and Macadamia, crunchy Mrs. May’s Naturals Tropical Trio Bars, or chewy Cashew Cookie LARABARs, just to name a few).

But when the decision has been made to eat out informally, I am thankful that there is one restaurant that “gets it”. One restaurant is consistently a destination I can count on… Chipotle Mexican Grill. Their food is prepared in front of you in an open kitchen and includes all fresh ingredients. When asked, Chipotle is happy to provide a list of Gluten Free ingredients. In fact, there is only one item I must avoid… their flour tortilla. Because of the risk of cross contamination, I have learned to request the server change gloves before prepare my meal. Once they know I eat gluten free they are also happy to replace the serving utensils in each dish when preparing my meal.

Another dining-out option includes getting a salad (no croutons, of course) and topping it with oil and vinegar as a dressing. I like Red Wine Vinegar and grape seed oil but apple cider vinegar and olive oil works, too. I have, however, learned to say no to white vinegar and to be leery of balsamic vinegars.

So is Gluten Free ‘dieting’ going to mean you lose weight?  What do you think?