Great question!!! Simple answer… no! Want to hear more? Read on…

I don’t think that everyone with joint pain should begin to attribute their discomfort to Gluten, but on the other hand, if you suspect you have Gluten issues, don’t be suprised to see your pain go away once you are Gluten Free.  That was my experience!.

I first had my right knee operated on about 10 years ago. My right knee cap had dislocated itself to the inside of my knee and locked on an arthritic spur on my femur, I was told. Ouch, is right! That was, perhaps, the worst pain I have even experienced in my life, and yes, I am a mother, twice. :) It ultimately took surgery to scrape things down a bit so my knee cap could sit down in its proper place and stop shifting about at the most unlikely moments. Following surgery I had physical therapy and was told I had no cartilage left in either knee and that my knees looked like those of an 80 year old woman. I was, then,  just barely half that age. (I do believe doctors, nurses, therapists, and the like should be required to take classes in school to teach them what should never be said to patients. That comment would fit into that category!)
From the time I could walk again I would regularly experience stiffness and pain in my knees (and other joints), most often accompanied by visible inflammation.
Six months before I realized Gluten was an issue for me I had been prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs for persistent knee pain from swelling.
Over the six months I tried again and again to go off this medication, but each time I found myself barely able to walk. It was not fun!!!
When talking with my doctors about digestive issues I was having I was told to go off the medication (suspecting the medication was the cause of my digestive issues) and I feared I would forever be stuck in a chair or on the sofa. However, in an attempt to help solve my digestive issues, I also decided to eat only fresh fruits and vegetables for the next two weeks. Amazingly, I had no joint pain and the swelling in my joints diminished greatly.
When I met with my doctor again after the two weeks he asked how I was feeling. My digestive issues had stopped and surprisingly my joint pain and inflammation had also disappeared. He asked what I had done differently, other than stopping the anti-inflammatory medicine, and I told him what I had been eating. He asked me, “Why did you decide to eat Gluten Free?”
I was shocked! I had barely heard that term up to that point and had definitely not  done it on purpose, but it sure had made all the difference. That led to many months of tests, but the verdict was in… I had an issue with Gluten and being Gluten Free made an impact on not only my digestive systems but my whole body. Perhaps I will talk more about that another time.

I’d love to hear of your experiences! What difference has eating Gluten Free made in your life? Or, put another way, in what ways do you feel better since going ‘Gluten Free’?