New York, New York, one heck of  town!

I flew in yesterday morning for a weekend of pampering. What an awesome company I have the privilege to work with!
The direct flight from DC was uneventful, and that is a good thing!!!  ;) Once here I was met by a representative of the company. He helped me with my luggage and escorted me to a black Lincoln Town Car which chauffeured me to to The Plaza Hotel, my home away from home.
I had no more than checked into my private luxury suite when I had a call to go down to the lobby. Someone from my company was waiting for me there. What a surprise to have a friend and business partner waiting for me with a beautiful bouquet of yellow tulips and a delightful gift. She had been here for fashion week and stayed on in town to surprise me… and what a surprise it was! We visited in the lobby and then walked over Bergdorf Goodman for lunch.

Bergdorf Goodman Quinoa Salad

Bergdorf Goodman Quinoa Salad

I have found that places like this really know how to treat those of us who eat Gluten Free! I selected a tasty Quinoa Salad which was made with dried apricots, toasted almonds, edamame, and  teardrop tomatoes on top of a bed of baby spinach. Even the low fat Parmesan dressing was Gluten Free. What a treat to be able to order Gluten Free right off the menu!

The weekend’s agenda doesn’t officially begin until this evening, but I feel as if I got to eat the “dessert” first, enjoying an unexpected lunch with a dear friend.

I know I have more tasty treats ahead since my company’s event planners took note that I eat Gluten Free.

I am not a “city girl” but must admit this city is a nice place to visit. What restaurants have have pampered you with their Gluten Free culinary delights?