To stay healthy, I strive to live a balanced life. When achieved (for even a moment), staying “balanced” can seem like walking a tight rope.  It takes effort to not slip and fall.

We often hear, “Live each day to the fullest.”
And yet it is also said, “Stop and smell the roses”.

Can we have it all?
I think the answer is yes and no.
Yes, we can have it all, but not necessarily all at the same time.

There are seasons to life. Responsibilities and priorities can change, but they also might have us focused on one area of our life for a “time” and then shift to allow us to enjoy other responsibilities and priorities.

When homeschooling my boys from K-12, school had to be a daily priority. That was our ‘work’ during that season of life. My job was to teach and direct the plan for their education; their job was to learn. Simple? Yes! Easy? No! It required consistency in activity and discipline to successfully graduate and launch them into college and life. Now my “nest” is empty. I have entered another “season of life”.

Most agree that regular exercise is recommended for everyone. Some feel daily is important. Some feel 2-3 times a week is enough. Those training for the Olympics have certainly focused more on exercise than the rest of us, but they may not always do so. To prevent workout boredom and monotony, Adam Zickerman’s book, “The Power of Ten” says you can get results in 20 minutes a week and includes 5-7 exercises that target all five major muscle groups. The question is, “What is your goal and what works in your current schedule allowing for living a balanced, healthy life?”
The answer to that question will likely be different for each of us.

Please join me again tomorrow for part two of this post.