Sometimes  it feels like I am going against the flow of traffic… walking to the beat of a different drummer. Everywhere I go, people around me eat whatever they want without concern for what’s in the foods they eat.

It is now generally accepted that around 75% of the American population have issues with Gluten. Most of those are undiagnosed. I wonder how many even know what Gluten is or what it could be doing to them. I wonder if they have any idea how much better they could feel if they removed it from their diet. It is somewhat challenging to “go against the grain” in life, but it is nothing new to me.

After college, instead of pursuing my chosen field,  I became a military wife and followed my husband around the world. We arrived in places previously unknown to us where we knew no one. We set up house, settled in, made friends, and purposed to delight in where we had been temporarily planted. Some find it hard, if not impossible, to enjoy that way of life. We counted it a privilege over and over again. We moved 10 times in 15 years. It was wonderful!!!

It was his medical retirement that caused us to settle down in the state from which we began our journey after college. Two and a half years later he passed away from his inoperable brain tumor. I was a widow at 39 years old. That was not the “norm” among my peers. I home schooled my two boys from Kindergarten through college (with only one minor exception), and that was not the norm, either (especially in those days).

I remarried after having been a widow for two and a half years. Before my boys graduated high school, I began my home based business with Arbonne instead of going back to work in a traditional “job”. Perhaps going against the grain has always been the norm for me?

As I eat out and about and request Gluten Free menus and meals, I get lots of questions about Gluten issues. While I am currently  the “oddity”, I fully expect that will change in the near future. Restaurants, especially those with chefs, are more understanding and accommodating. (Check out the “Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program” and “Gluten Free Registry” links in the More Gluten Free on the Web section in the left hand column.) Local grocery stores are widening their selection of Gluten Free foods and it is especially nice when the Gluten Free items are placed together in one aisle of the store. I am thankful to have arrived at this issue at such a time as this.

We each have strengths, gifts, and talents and things that make us unique. It is “OK” to eat the way we were designed to eat. Diabetics have to watch their sugars and carbs, those with food allergies also watch what they eat. There are worse things in life than having to eat healthy as we are careful about food choices!

We can own the whole world, but if we don’t have our health, we can’t fully enjoy it.
Healthy living is the ultimate goal, even if we have to go against the grain!