Instead of thinking about what it is that I now live ‘without’, I prefer to think about all I get to live with…

I get to enjoy delicious foods… old and new favorites.

I live with renewed health (no longer suffering from symptoms associated with Gluten intolerance), renewed energy, renewed joy for living, renewed taste for food, renewed  mobility (without joint pain and inflammation).

However, for those making the adjustment to Gluten Free living, it is often a process of learning what they must live without. There is a magazine completely dedicated to helping people with allergies and food sensitivities to make the adjustment. You can subscribe to the magazine and receive 6 issues each year or you can visit them online ( ). Those on Facebook can become a fan and check out their new Gluten Free forum.

It is important to know that we are not alone in our living Gluten Free. There are many resources available. Please feel free to leave a comment recommending your favorite Gluten Free resources.

It is great to be back to living life to its fullest… with joy and thanksgiving!