Yesterday, I was given an Italian Wishbone Salad Dressing with Gluten Free clearly marked on the back label.  Wahooo!!!

Yes, I do love my simple homemade mix of red wine vinegar and grape seed oil, but having a variety of options is nice! This particular salad dressing also makes a great marinade for chicken to be grilled, braised, or broiled.  ;)

Today, I hear that Orieda Golden Crinkle frozen French Fries and Nathan’s (brand) hot dogs both clearly states that they are Gluten Free.

I will call a company to ask if a product is Gluten Free, but I appreciate it very much when Gluten Free is clearly marked on the label. It means that the company has taken note; they have recognized that this is a health concern that impacts a growing number of people. They have formulated their products in a healthy way and are proud to state that clearly.

It also should give us a peace about making product selections when Gluten Free is clearly stated on the label. Phone confirmation is good, but I sometimes wonder if the operator really knew the answer to my questions or was she assuming/hoping/guessing with regard to Gluten. (Some customer service reps are more reassuring than others.)

Personally, I am grateful that in this day and time, living Gluten Free is getting easier and easier!