A friend recently shared her excitement that some of her favorite seasoning mixes contained no wheat. Knowing she is trying to better understand her Gluten sensitivities, I reminded her that there are folks who do have a wheat allergy, but the Gluten intolerance is not an allergy and Gluten is found in more than just wheat. It is always best to ask whether a product is Gluten Free, not merely Wheat Free.

For clarification, I referred her back to my Basic Category post on Wednesday, Jan. 24th entitled, “What is Gluten”.

A second question routinely arises when discussing Gluten intolerance… “Surely a ‘little bit” can’t hurt?”, but the answer is, in fact, that even the smallest amount of Gluten can hurt you.

To quote Shauna James Ahern (Gluten Free Girl/p63), “An eighth of a teaspoon of gluten can make us sick for days.”

In her book, The G Free Diet, A Gluten-Free Survival Guide, Elisabeth Hasselbeck states:

“Exactly how much gluten would it take to trigger symptoms? “A slice of bread has about two and a half grams of gluten,” explains Dr. Green. “Most people with celiac disease have an inflammatory reaction and symptoms with one hundred milligrams,” or about one-twenty-fifth of a slice, which is much less than a single bite.” (p. 49)

This should help to clear up those issues once and for all and also help to better explain why cross contamination is such an important issue.

We must remain vigilant!!!