Traveling Gluten Free can be challenging! Flying often requires a wait in the airport(s) and long flights mean missed meals unless you leave home prepared.

I had heard that Starbucks recently began serving Gluten Free goodies, but, alas, I couldn’t find a Gluten Free item at either my departure or arrival airport.

Having Gluten Free bars with me helped carry me through my 4+ hour flight, baggage claim, shuttle to my hotel, and the time it took to find a restaurant able to serve a Gluten Free meal.

Thankfully, my abode away from home allows me to cook meals “in”, but I will check online to see what other visitors to this “city that never sleeps” have to say about eating out here, Gluten Free. I am also curious to see if the local grocery store has a Gluten Free section, and how it compares with what we have at home.

I am resisting¬†frustration¬†at having to be so conscious about what/where I will eat… again. This feeling was ever present when I first started this Gluten Free journey, but in the safely of home and familiar surroundings, I have managed to thrive Gluten Free. Surely before I leave I will have re-gained that confidence.