Well, clearly there are places around this great country that still have no clue about Gluten. Oh, my!

One would think that in a big city with guests visiting from around the world, that they would have heard about and made an effort to provide Gluten Free grocery items. Not so at Albertsons here in Las Vegas. I spoke with two clerks and neither had even heard of Gluten before. I showed them the few items in my cart that are “regular” products labeled Gluten Free and mentioned that they most likely would hear the term again. ;) They seemed shocked to learn that grocery stores “at home” had whole aisles dedicated to organic and Gluten Free foods.

I am now doubly thankful that I came prepared and that I have a full kitchen in which I can cook up my meals!!!

I brought my Arbonne Figure 8 protein shake powders (pre-measured with a scoop of Arbonne’s Figure 8 Fiber Booster for breakfast each day) and bought bananas that I have peeled and cut in half and frozen. These make incredibly delicious, rich, filling breakfast smoothies! :) I also brought from home my Arbonne Figure 8 Detox Tea, NRG Go3 Citrus Surge Fizz Tabs (these beverage tablets provide the sustained energy I will need in this action packet week), and Healthy Living & Weight Loss Chews (LOVE the Creamy Caramel… Great between meal snack to curb appetite and boost metabolism – helpful since I will be sitting in training sessions quite a bit).

I brought quinoa from home in measured amounts along with Gluten Free golden flavor/seasonings. I bought lettuce, eggs (to hard boil), feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, pine nuts (from home) for delicious salads… and I bought Wish Bone’s Italian salad dressing (thankfully clearly labeled Gluten Free).
(My preference remains grapeseed oil and red wine vinegar as a dressing, but the bottled Italian salad dressing can be used for salads and as a marinade for chicken, and it is more economical, especially since I won’t be taking home any that is left at week’s end.)

I bought Nathan’s hot dogs and Heinz ketchup (both regular items, clearly labeled Gluten Free). I guess I can do without Gluten Free mustard this week.

Having searched the store for other meal options, I finally picked up my cell phone and called the Frito Lay company (1-800-352-4477). Many grocery items have 1-800 numbers on the packaging. The customer service rep assured me that the Tostitos Restaurant Style tortilla chips and their Tostitos Medium Chunky Salsa were both Gluten Free, though not labeled as such. With these in my cart, I added ground beef, regular (not light) sour cream, and cheddar cheese for taco salad. I don’t plan to spend a lot of time preparing meals and need meals that can go together fairly quickly.

I bought a can of mixed fruit to make the Gluten Free “Jel Dessert”  (brought from home) a treat. I also picked up some fresh fruit, “Pom”, Classic Hummus, and cashews… and should be able to make it through this week Gluten Free.

I remember the day when I could go into a grocery store and simply pick up anything that “caught my fancy”, but I wouldn’t go back there. Despite the additional challenges of living Gluten Free, it has made me feel SO much better there is no temptation at all to “slip”.

(Mom, be encouraged… you can survive your week in Hilton Head Gluten Free… with proper prior planning. :) )