Kudos to Katherine and Vito of Harrisonburg’s, L’Italia Pizza & Pasta!

In answer to a question about their Gluten Free preparations, they answered:

“We prepare the gluten free crust on a separate counter, on the other side of the kitchen from the pizza station. We do not use separate screens, however they all go through our very high temp washing machine before each use. The pizza man is actually not the one making the gluten free crust, as Vito is still the only one used to working out the gluten crust, so never the same gloves are touching regular flour and gluten free flour. And the pizza cutter is the same we use for the other pizza but again we do run it through the high-temp washer before ever touching the gluten free pizzas.”

I am impressed that they are taking our Gluten concerns seriously. They also are quick to admit that they are not experts, but are eager to learn the best, safest way possible to make Gluten Free Pizzas. Their goal is genuinely to be able to provide something all Celiac sufferers, those with Gluten intolerance, and all others can enjoy worry-free.

Additionally, they invite us all to email them at litaliapizzapasta@comcast.net with any questions/comments.

Thank you, Katharine and Vito!

I can’t wait to enjoy Gluten Free Pizza with you on my next visit to Harrisonburg!