It was, of course, with the best of intentions that I began my 28-day wellness program. The first week went splendidly. Then came multi-family Easter celebrations. It was fun to share Gluten Free delights with family members who, I imagine, thought I was suffering having to eat Gluten Free. Surely any pity on my “condition” vanished.  ;)

And yes, certainly there is room in any program for occasional splurges. I should have stopped there, but the stresses of the week (not the least of which was finishing my part to turn in with our taxes) afforded me little time for enjoying meal planning and preparations. I again turned to the grabbing Gluten Free bars and snacks, and before I knew it I had lost a week.

So here I am, starting over again. I don’t think I will step on the scale today, rather I will give my full attention to delighting in focusing on eating well and see where I land at week’s end.

Whew, I am so glad perfection is not the goal!!!