Last night we visited Fireworks Pizza in nearby Leesburg, Va. A friend referred me there, having heard they served Gluten Free Pizza.

Their menu does notes that all items with an asterisk¬†can be made Gluten Free… though at first glance that fact was easily overlooked (small print).

Fireworks Gluten Free Pizza

Fireworks Gluten Free Pizza

All pizzas are cooked in the traditional way in a firewood brick oven. I was going to order a large pizza and share it with family, but learned they¬†do not make their own Gluten Free pizza crusts. Rather, they purchase readymade crusts from Still Riding Pizza. Fireworks uses the Still Riding 9″ mini-crusts, so I had to go with a personal sized pizza.

The service was quick and the pizza, hot and tasty. I loved the thin and crispy crust! (It has always been my favorite.)

Fireworks has a wide variety of Gluten Free pizzas to choose from you, or you can select your own toppings. You can eat inside or outside on the front porch, weather permitting.

I loved Fireworks! I will return there again soon, and often… a nice treat when eating out.

At home, though, I will stick to making our own pizza crusts using Pamela’s mix which cost about $1.50 per pizza.