Yes… in a perfect world Ben & Jerry’s would publish their own list of Gluten Free flavors (see my last post)… but since they hesitate to do that, I am listing here the Gluten Free flavors  shared with me by the “nearby” Ben & Jerry’s shop.
Mind you, this list is not comprehensive and could change without warning since they could change the recipe.
Therefore, be diligent to ask the shop owner where you buy to verify a selection is Gluten Free or look on the carton’s label if you make your purchase in a grocery store.

Butter Cream,
Cherry Garcia,
Chocolate Fair Trade,
Chocolate Macadamia,
Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl,
Chunky Monkey,
Coffee Fair Trade,
Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz,
Crème Brulee,
Mint Chocolate Chunk,
Orange & Cream,
Phish Food,
Triple Caramel Chunk,
Vanilla Fair Trade,
Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch