For about 30 years I’ve been aware of issues with Oral Lichen Planus on the gums of my mouth. The first dentist to call it to my attention explained that it had nothing to do with oral hygiene and there was really nothing that could be done for it. At the time he said the prevailing thought was that it was linked to stress. Over the years my experience was that times of extreme stress (I’ve honestly had my fair share) made it worse, though there was always some evidence of it visible during  routine dental check-ups.

On my first visit to see my dental hygienist after going Gluten Free it was noted that  my gums were doing really well. It think it was on the second visit that we talked about what changes in my life might have had a positive impact on the condition and I thought of my dietary changes. Yesterday, I had a temporary crown put on a tooth and, since I’ve had some serious stresses these past few months, I asked how my gums looked. For the first time in my adult life my dentist said my gums actually looked normal and healthy.

Hmmm. Could it be that gluten caused or contributed to this condition in my gums all these years and that at previous times of stress the traditional “comfort foods” (typically full of Gluten), not the stress itself, caused the flare-ups? Who knows… I am just glad to be G-Free and Healthy!!!